The Cost(s) of “keeping it real”

Keeping it real is urban language for telling it as it is without fear or favour. In today’s context of political correctness and hyper sensitivity, it is more of a myth or cliché than an actual practice. Rightfully so, because society now is inclined to label anyone speaking their mind as intolerant, a bigot or […]

A Valentine’s Day message

The history of Valentine’s Day. It’s a day to commemorate St. Valentine who was a Roman Catholic priest in the 3rd  century.The story goes that during the reign of Claudius II, who was committed to rebuilding the once-great Roman army, found out that given a choice, most young men in the Roman Empire refused to […]

The Beatitudes

To be or not to be…that is the question.   Discussion text taken from Matthew 5: 3-10 This is a popular sermon that Jesus presented, called the Sermon on the Mount. The beatitude is defined in the dictionary as “supreme blessedness” or “exalted happiness”. How many of us want to be supremely blessed and exaltedly […]


So the year is off to a fast start,albeit with a mixed bag of emotions. There is the typical optimism that comes with the beginning of every year- with the new year’s resolutions and such. My resolution by the way is to be happy this year; which I believe could come from a deliberate decision […]