The Cost(s) of “keeping it real”

Keeping it real is urban language for telling it as it is without fear or favour. In today’s context of political correctness and hyper sensitivity, it is more of a myth or cliché than an actual practice. Rightfully so, because society now is inclined to label anyone speaking their mind as intolerant, a bigot or ignorant. That is not to say that anyone wishing to speak their mind has license to be crude or cruel or inconsiderate of others. As a matter of fact, the choice to classify yourself as keeping it real these days would come at a pretty hefty price as follows:

  1. Friends: One should be ready to lose a lot of friends and/or self-respect if they choose to always bare their soul regardless of the consequence. That is why we feel so entertained by the train-wreck reality stars that seem not to care about some negative impressions they may be putting out, while expressing their true selves. Something most would be too afraid to do publicly.
  1. Money/Career advancement: If the regular person tries to keep it real in a work environment where he/she may not be willing to agree with everything that the dumb boss is saying or suck up for the purpose of career advancement; then be ready to be passed over for promotions and even fired at the nearest opportunity. Except you are already independently wealthy like Donald Trump, then you could probably get away with always speaking your mind and even gain public support for Presidency.
  1. In view of the scale of controversy and tensions that a person keeping it real can cause in daily life, he/she is well advised to be more reflective than the average person in order not to appear ill informed. It is of utmost necessity to consider several viewpoints of any topic while forming your own opinion and ensuring that your motives for your position are pure in order to effectively defend them when called upon. That sounds like a lot of effort, just to be independent of the group-think. So why should anyone bother to even be this way; I mean truly this way on a consistent basis? I guess the benefits are immeasurable in terms of self-fulfillment etc. but that’s a discussion for another day…


Afam Elue.


2 thoughts on “The Cost(s) of “keeping it real”

  1. True words. What bothers me is the world “keeping it real” . In this current world view and political correctness , we have different meanings for words like good, legal, reality, keeping it real, saying it like it is etc. They all still come from the barrel of individual opinion or collective opinions and since we live in a world where democracy is thought to be the ideal , then what is real is now being defined by what majority wants.
    If an opinion or individual view is not backed up by the word of God, then we all stand in the danger of letting the blind lead the blind. I am afraid there is no reality outside the word of God, what we have are facts which when passed through the litmus test of time , they all fade away, what remains is truth based on the word of God and this never change.
    As long as keeping it real is based on individual or collective opinion, it is still not different from any other opinion.
    Good article though……..

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    1. Thanks Philips, for going there with the God angle. What is truth? You’re right that rather than have everyone act out what seems right in their own eyes…i.e “my truth” vs “your truth”…there ought to be a common standard. So,the truth in fact is anything that God says. Therefore if one is able to embody the Word which is the truth,then they are certainly ‘keeping it real’! Great contribution.


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