So the year is off to a fast start,albeit with a mixed bag of emotions. There is the typical optimism that comes with the beginning of every year- with the new year’s resolutions and such. My resolution by the way is to be happy this year; which I believe could come from a deliberate decision to react positively and with contentment to various aspects of ones life including relationships, work and even play. Happiness is not to be confused with joy which is a less fleeting emotional state resulting from internal elements such as values and faith rather than external elements like events or things. But I digress..

In Canada, we enter 2016 with a new Prime Minister with his young and diverse cabinet, falling commodity prices and the loonie in decline, and a large influx of Syrian refugees to booth. To say that there is a measure of great expectation and uncertainty in the air would be an understatement. As for me as with the country, there are strategic decisions to be made and with some smart work and good fortune, all should be well in the end. I’m typically not one to make a wager but if I was, I would say : “I bet on us”.


Afam Elue


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